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    AT&T Stadium With Enhanced Television Integration

    MVS was chosen by the Dallas Cowboys to design, engineer, fabricate, integrate and install over 3,000 flat-panel displays in the new $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium for their IPTV television system and digital signage solution. MVS was also chosen to execute the installation of the DMP upgrade to the Cisco StadiumVision System at the Stadium in 2011.


    MVS has an impressive history of providing integrated solutions for television systems in sports stadium venues. Beginning in 2001 with the first and largest installation, nearly 1,000 flat-panel displays (RCA plasma televisions), ever installed in a sports stadium, the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, to today with the recent completion of over 3,000 flat-panel displays (Sony LCD monitors) in the World’s Largest Domed Stadium, the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.


    The more than 3,000 LCD flat-panel displays located throughout the stadium in luxury suites, concourses, concession areas, bars & lounges, offices, locker rooms, public areas, retails stores and even in the restrooms so fans won’t miss any of the action on the field or miss any opportunities to view advertising content.


    AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas
    MVS was retained by the owner and responsible for the project management, site investigation, field surveys, engineering and design, systems integration, technical planning, procurement, receiving, staging, assembly, configuration, packaging, field and project coordination with the owner and multiple contractor trades, installation, commissioning, provisioning, maintenance and testing of the flat-panel displays, mounting brackets, IPTV digital set-top boxes, and the multiple cabling and device connections required for each display.


    In total there were over 75,000 separate components that had to be in the right place at the right time to meet the various construction time lines in order for the stadium to have its flat-panel displays fully operational for the grand opening event.


    Since 1953, MVS has continued to provide totally integrated system solutions for television systems and sound and video systems to sports stadiums, healthcare facilities, lodging facilities and other commercial venues.