• Digital Signage Systems In Healthcare

    Here are just some of the ways that digital signage systems are be used to create profit in healthcare facilities in Europe:

    • Education for patients: By displaying accurate information about common patients medical conditions, many patient questions can be answered. Vaccination information can be delivered in waiting rooms.
    • Information for Staff: Timetables can be updated, dynamic message boards – in real time – can convey critical information on a broad scale to staff that is not by a computer.
    • Image reinforcement: In the highly competitive world of healthcare, digital signage presents branding opportunities in every message.
    • Entertainment: A wider array of entertainment can be provided to patients and to visitors.
    • Way finding: patients, visitors and even visiting staff can find navigating a healthcare facility to be daunting. Well placed signage can solve this.
    • Patient Impression: Digital signage adds a bright, clean, modern look to a facility.
    • Emergency information: In case of an emergency digital signage can spread information everywhere in a facility instantly.
    • Cost savings: With savings in time, personnel, print and more, digital signage creates real cost savings.
    • New revenue streams: Doctors and hospitals can get revenue from drug companies to display messages. Gift shops specials and cafeteria menus can drive expenditures. Doctors post information about their private practices in hospitals.
    • Communication: The number one use for digital signage systems in Europe is for communication and updates. Touch screens allow patients to find specific information they seek.

    Flat screens in public grab attention and are a better way to get key messages across in any healthcare facility.

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