Company History

MASTER VIDEO SYSTEMS, INC., ("MVS") is a low-voltage systems developer and integration company, specializing in commercial television, audio video, and security systems. MVS has over 60 Years of experience and have served over 2,500 commercial facilities worldwide.


MVS is a "One Company - One Source" provider of totally integrated systems with scalable and modular capabilities for each system. MVS delivers a concept to completion service for its customers.


Our integrated solutions products include television and mounting systems, antenna systems, satellite systems, in-house broadcast systems, CCTV surveillance systems, overhead paging and intercom systems, product development, and other audio and video systems, as well as financial alternatives that enable each customer to determine how to best allocate its capital resources.


MVS provides design and engineering and services to a variety of markets, MVS history includes the healthcare (hospitals and clinics), hospitality (hotels), entertainment (stadiums and arenas), education (schools) and other commercial markets worldwide, with a focus on a regional basis in the southwestern United States.


In the 1950's, MVS installed the first, multi-purpose television system in New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. We continued direct sales of television systems in the lodging market with 23 offices nationwide throughout the 1960's. We entered the healthcare market as a sub-contractor to a national television company and expanded into the healthcare market upon moving our corporate offices from New York to Dallas, Texas in the 1980's.


MVS continued our growth pattern by successfully integrating systems in many notable hospitals, small healthcare facilities, hotels, motels, schools, prisons, stadium venues and other commercial facilities.


In 2004, CEO George Lawshe retired and transferred controlling interest of MVS to his son G. Michael Lawshe, former investment banker. The new CEO wasted no time initiating a new business model, geared to propel the company to a national stature.


The company soon purchased a larger facility, to support their growing team and warehouse needs. The new facility is fully equipped with a job shop and production facility, which we use to engineer, design, fabricate, manufacture and stage specialized proprietary products, used in many types of television systems. Our services were also expanded to include engineering and design, consulting, installation field services, maintenance and repair, and inservice training, solidifying our "One Company- One Source" service.


In 2009, MVS was one of the corporations selected as a service provider in the installation of over 3,000 flat panel displays, throughout the Cowboy's Stadium, a Guinness World Record for an entertainment facility.


MVS is a concept to completion solution with a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction for over 60 years. We have we continued our growth and success by consistently providing our customers with premium service and respect and by expanding the markets and customers that we serve. We will continue to follow this practice in the future and believe in the old adage "The Customer is Always Number One".