Markets - Healthcare

The focus in Healthcare is now about results using performance indicators such as HCAHPS, Meaningful Use Compliance, Improving Patient Outcomes, Reducing Readmissions, and Electronic Health Records Incentive Programs. The convergence of IT and AV allow MVSystems to provide solutions that may allow better results, leading to increased performance indicators. With our "One-Company One Source" solution, MVS provides educational, entertainment, and informational AV content and delivery systems;  flexible and scalable, these features maximize staff and operational efficiencies, while also improving patient satisfaction.

MVS delivers cost-effective digital media and internet-based applications over wireless & wired TV network infrastructures. These systems enable a facility to provide the entertainment and information opportunities that patients and visitors seek, coupled with digital advertising and information platforms.

These systems also provide key enterprise elements that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their staff. Some of the available components of these systems for staff and management include:

  • A/V presentation systems
  • Digital signage systems
  • TV patient experience interactive systems
  • Learning management systems
  • Room automation
  • Mobile security and monitoring
  • Housekeeping portals
  • Maintenance reporting
  • Digital media management