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In today's competitive hospitality business every location strives to offer guests a better overall value and experience. Today's hospitality guest demands comfort, convenience, care, and entertainment. When it comes to in-room entertainment, today's lodging guest is seeking feature-rich in-room entertainment with maximum diverse content offerings at no additional charge.

MVS designs and engineers interactive television, audio visual, and security systems for hotels, motels, time shares, luxury resorts, and casinos. Our systems educate, entertain, and inform the guests about the property, events, weather forecasts, airline information, activities, tours, room service menus, and restaurants.

The MVS' complete facility system delivers a superior advantage to any hospitality business, providing a guest experience that includes:

  • Interactive television applications
  • Web-based applications
  • Variety of in-room entertainment features
  • Internet television
  • Diverse menu of event A/V options
  • Informational content and communication updates

Our cost-effective method of distributing scalable and programmable digital media and internet based applications over existing cable infrastructures has evolved into a lucrative business model for hospitality clients. The MVS advantage offers hotels, motels, casinos, time shares and luxury resorts the following revenue generating and money saving advantages:

  • Advanced IP technology platform that is flexible and scalable
  • Access and updates on emerging trends and technology
  • Diverse content offerings covering all guest gemographics
  • Simplified booking and guest tracking
  • Additional revenue streams for hotel
  • Premium entertainment services for guests
  • Digital advertising
  • E-commerce
  • Sponsorship of featured applications
  • Marketing and branding extension
  • Internal and external communication options
  • Extensive staff training
  • Exclusive industry content
  • Updated and visually appealing room and facility look
  • Variety of financial options