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Markets - Stadiums

Every arena, stadium, or entertainment venue of any kind seeks to create a safe and exciting fan experience. MVS' "One Company-One Source" end-to-end systems delivers a host of integrated and interactive television, sound and video, and security solutions for stadiums and other public venues. These systems are designed to educate, entertain, disburse information, and provide the necessary security solutions for a large number of people.

Fans want feature-rich event day entertainment throughout the facility, regardless of the event. The MVS' concept-to-completion solutions enable venues to enhance their services, amenities, and entertainment with the fans via the digital displays in the venue. With MVS solutions, fans get a variety of entertainment options ranging from play highlights, event-centric games, virtual tours, insider information, music, special programming, and other various applications.

MVS' OmniVision enables the venue to expand internet and computer based applications and services, combine technology with flexible and scalable business models, and establish new revenue streams while providing operational efficiencies and cost savings by:

  • Expanding marketing and branding options
  • Enabling real-time content updates to satisfy multiple tenants or 3rd-party rentals
  • Growing marketing programs with dynamic offerings
  • Increasing communication with fans
  • Enabling e-commerce from anywhere in the venue
  • Distributing diverse content offerings
  • Allowing sponsors to send messages and interact with fans
  • Meeting the entertainment demands of fans
  • Allowing laptop & TV based internet access